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Asset management

For more than 30 years we have been managing Real Estate Assets with one clear goal: Help you achieve the highest profitability for your real estate investments, optimizing your investment with constant monitoring and efficient management

Economic and administrative management

  • Management of tenants.
  • Management and control of contracts, bank guarantees and deposits.
  • Rental fees revision and application of the agreed revisions.
  • Management and control of contracts, bank guarantees and deposits.
  • Management of Joint ownerships and asset-holding companies.
  • Management of the property employees (Concierge, gardener, etc.).
  • Economical information for the tax statements.
  • Monthly statement of revenue and expenses.

Commercial operation and customer service

  • Management of rental termination and property check.
  • Search of new tenants.
  • Listing to our portfolio of potential customers, partners and real estate portals.
  • Careful selection, revision and guarantees of the possible tenants.
  • Writing, control and management of the rental contracts.

Technical management of the property

  • Management and control of issues.
  • Technical consultancy.
  • Management of the assigned contractors.
  • Integral management of the property.
    • Utilities (Gas, water, electricity, etc.).
    • Preventive maintenance.
    • Technical inspections of the building (ITE).
    • Card of habitability (Cédula de habitabilidad) and Energy Certification.

Legal, tax and labour advice

  • Labour advice to manage payrolls of the building employees.
  • Tax advice, management of trimestral VAT.
  • Legal advice for real Estate consultancy and claim of debts and evictions.

checkOur team will keep you informed of the situation of all your real estate assets.

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